Cruse reprographic scanner (copy stand digital camera system).

What kind of reprographic stand digital camera scanner system is best for a museum, university, library or fine art giclee studio?

Cruse reprographic scannerAfter searching the trade shows in Germany and across the USA we finally found the ultimate reprographic scanner on a copy stand system, the Cruse copy stand scanner system. This is a formidable photographic system. Here you see it arriving at Bowling Green State University on a forklift truck. It came from Germany in the kind of industrial strength packing that you would expect from Europe.
The particular model that is being installed includes a Schwarm Geisenhofer vacuum easel. Overall this is the most incredible piece of Germanic engineering and design that I have ever seen.

Now the scanner is being used by the graduate students of the art department. The Cruse equipment is easy enough to use that the students can handle it.

Of course this kind of reprographic stand is also ideal for fine art giclee digitizing of paintings, for photo studios, in-house corporate use, for pre-press shops. Actually a major use is by companies which design wallpaper. They need to photograph wood grain and other surfaces and textures. The Cruse is perfect to satisfy these needs. Indeed Cruse makes a special new model for the wallpaper design, wood veneer design industry. We are doing a Flash animation on another of our web sites.

Since the university tore down the building two years ago that FLAAR used as an evaluation facility for six years, we are in the process of establishing a new evaluation facility. In the meantime I inspect the new models of Cruse reprographic system digital camera scanners at Photokina 2008 in Cologne, DRUPA 2008 in Duesseldorf, at FESPA Digital 08 in Geneva, and at VISCOM Italy ’08 in Milano.

Since we don't buy or sell scanners, if you seek information on those aspects of this equipment, please contact Mike Lind, (managing director of USA office of Cruse GmbH of Germany).

If you need more information, on cruse scanners please visit

Cruse reprographic scanner reviews by flaar Repro-scan head system

Cruse reprographic scanner, the most accurate digital camera for recording fine art or actually any object under 4 inches in depth, at dimensions of 36 x 48 and above (many larger models available). Here we see the Cruse synchron table model in the FLAAR area of Siggraph tradeshow '03 (Guerilla Studio).

The reason Dr Hellmuth recommends this brand of reprographic digital camera is because he has personal experience using it. FLAAR has a larger and different model. For scanning fine art paintings to reproduce as giclee, for scanning textiles (or maps, old photos, books), this is an indispensible partner.


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