How can you figure out which light stands to use for your studio?

Blogen Lightstands arriving at BGSU FLAAR facilities
BogenImaging light stands arriving at FLAAR BGSU facilities.

FLAAR is installing two new model photo studios. These are showcase studios to demo equipment. One is at Universidad Francisco Marroquin, in the Museo Popol Vuh. This studio is already fairly well equipped. This is the studio we will use for training during the summer.

Our main training studio is being prepared for Bowling Green State University of Ohio. FLAAR is now offering nationwide training in advanced large format digital photography via the Internet. So photographers all across the USA are signing up.

Basically they want to learn from FLAAR experience. After all, we do all the testing and evaluations, so we won't allow any junk in our studio.

Also, we find all the unusual little gizmos that really work. For example the Bogen backlight stand # 3095, Bogen Magic Arm (# 2930 or 2929 for adjustable Magic Arm). We don't have the Bogen Sky Book but sure could use one (# 2970). So be sure to get your hands on a Bogen catalog. Sure will make your next location shoot or studio setup easier.

Additional information on Gitzo tripods, Manfrotto tripod heads, Elinchrome strobes, Metz flash equipment, and Bogen light stands is readily available from the distributor (Bogen Photo is now known as Bogen Imaging) at: or telephone (201) 818-9500.


Updated Aug 5, 2001.
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