BetterLight Scanning Backs from Camulet.

BetterLight large format scanning back arrives for evaluation. After testing the prototype BetterLight digital camera for over two years we upgraded to the new BetterLight Super 6000 CCD scanning back.

Calumet digitalCalumet Digital just sent the entire Better Light digital photography system, including a Cambo Ultima 4x5 studio camera to hold the Better Light scan back.

Just as soon as we start our next digital photography season we will report back on the results of using the Better Light camera. The model 6000 just arrived, a few hours before we had to leave for Europe. The FLAAR. Crew is currently in Germany attending CeBIT, a computer trade show some five times larger than Comdex. We also attended DRUPA, which is about the size of all Seybold Seminars, plus GraphExpo and all the other American digital imaging trade shows put together. The Germans seem to favor these mammoth trade shows that dwarf those in Orlando, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas.

BetterLight scanning Backs,In the meantime we did get the opportunity to unpack the new Better Light and take a peek. We already found out from the prototype Better Light that we tested for two years that Michael Collette designs and builds a solid scanning back. These are heavy-duty, industrial-strength cameras suitable for sustained use in professional photo studios.

One of many advantages of the Better Light digital camera system is that you can get the portability option (which we will also test). The model here is the normal studio model. The portable model works off a battery.

Furthermore, in a recent test, Better Light was judged better in color quality and exposure than Phase One (Phase One came in last out of the three entries at the PMA trade show recently).

Another advantage of the Better Light digital camera is that it can be purchased at a reasonable price (in other words, why pay thousands and thousands more for a PhaseOne when you can buy a Better Light from Calumet Digital for much less money. Kodak is now the world distributor of Better Light products but the place with the most experience with the BetterLight scan backs is Calumet.

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