Color Laser Printers reviews.

Color laser printer reviewsThe new generation of color laser printers are so good you can print color posters and signs yourself, in the comfort of your own office.

Sure, it helps to have a wide format printer (such as an Encad), but you can start off with a color laser printer. Color laser printers can now handle paper up to 13 x 19 inches in size printing at 12x18 inches in full color. The color is so good it is continuous tone (in other words, if your original photo is good then you cannot see the dot pattern of the print with your naked eye).

Here are some samples at just 11x17, but these make good proofs (because the prints are not yet flat, their surfaces are reflecting the strong lights in our studio). On a stiffer 13x19 inch paper they would look even better.

If you need help deciding what professional quality color printer to select, send us an e-mail ( and we will do our best to respond. Indicate what kinds of images you need to print. Be aware that professional color laser printers are not cheap and are not sold at WalMart or even CompUSA. We can provide the information on the same place that we obtained the printer that has made us so happy.

Laser Printer ReviewsShown at the right, the actual laser printer that produced these posters. 1200 dpi photo-realistic quality.

We spent two years searching for the best color laser printer (as a replacement for our aging Lexmark color laser printer).

After gathering information, samples, and learning about the new generation of color laser printers, we selected the tabloid sized color laser printer from Tally, their model T8204, whose 192 MB of RAM allows 1200x1200 dpi output.

Reviews are produced by offices of FLAAR's Digital Imaging Technology Centers in Germany, the USA, and our new test center for Latin America at the leading university museum in Guatemala.


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