Honest review of Canon Digital Rebel tells the true pros and cons of this popular Canon 35mm SLR camera.

Our evaluation of the Canon Digital Rebel was available (2005), as part of Nicholas Hellmuth’s course on digital photography.

This evaluation includes the blunt results of Tim Brown’s use of the Canon Digital Rebel. Frankly we were surprised, considering that virtually everyone we ask around here has one: professors, students… This is one of the most popular cameras of all times.

But a FLAAR Review is distinctive:

  • We are not paid by Canon Inc.
  • We are not paid by any reseller of Canon cameras.
  • No one is paying us a commission on the sale of a Canon, or any other digital cameras.
  • Plus, we have experience with lots of other digital cameras (as you can see from the equipment in the photo here).

Every several years there is either a new Canon iPF printer or a new Epson or a new HP water-based printer. It is hard to keep track of the advances in inks and color management features. FLAAR is keeping track by visiting printshops around the world that have these various brands. Each brand has its good points and a few issues and an occasional deficiency.             

If you are looking for a place that is not a box-pusher (meaning you want a place that provides service after the sale), then one place we know for many years is Parrot Digigraphic. Their telephone is 978.670.7766.

Canon Digital Rebel 35mm SLR Camera
Here is Nicholas and Tim with samples of the cameras they have available. You can add a Kodak SLR/n and Nikon D70. All our evaluations are based on real people using actual cameras in real situations.



Most recently updated June 14, 2005.
First posted Jan 5, 2005.

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