How to photograph a 360 degree panorama seamlessly.

Review and recommendations on how to photograph a 360 degree panorama seamlessly, no stitching, no awkward joints; flawless, continuous virtual reality by Better Light software.

The complete panorama system is easily portable.

The entire system is battery operated, so can be used anywhere. Here in the middle of the 7th century Maya ballcourt at the ruins of Copan, Honduras, Central America.

Andrea David, FLAAR CO-Director.

The portable table doubles as a cart. It is strong enough to hold valuable equipment.

 B+W to aid download speed  Complete setup doing Virtual Reality pano of museum room.

Link to the resulting 360 degree panorama of the ancient Maya ballcourt in full color

panorama of two different Copan archaeology sculpture museums, Honduras

link to the list of equipment used to take this seamless panorama view



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