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Fine art digital photographs from FLAAR

Each week a new photo will be placed on the Home Page;  when the week is up and we put a new photo, the former photo will be moved to this inventory page.

Since some weeks we are very busy, and other weeks are in the middle of a major holiday, the “weeks” will be a bit informal.

Most of the photographs will be taken in Guatemala since this country is very photogenic, plus our office has been here for decades. Our choices will tend to offer landscape photography, nature photography, fine art black-and-white photography, and panoramic photography. FLAAR is an institute that among many diverse research topics also specializes in Maya ethno-botany and Maya ethno-zoology, so you can expect to see photographs of tropical flora and fauna.

Since FLAAR has access to a wide range of digital cameras, we have good equipment. This combined with the photogenic potential of Guatemala results in some handsome photographs. Of course fine art photos can be a bit esoteric, and we realize that everyone’s tastes will be different. But we hope you enjoy our selection during 2009.


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